Uniform Software

MS Office

DAIT provides all customers with a standard MS Office suite, and the DAIT help desk can answer just about any question about Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, or other MS products.

In 2019 MS Teams was implemented internally at DAIT, then rolled out to pilot offices, with interest and adoption taking off during the pandemic as working from home became commonplace.


"Prosecutor Technology for Case Tracking" or PROTECT is the case management system used by all Wisconsin district attorney offices. It provides comprehensive tracking and management of criminal and non-criminal, adult and juvenile case parties, and case information from the time a referral is received from law enforcement or another referring agency to its final case disposition.​

PROTECT was custom-developed by DAIT developers and analysts and installed at no additional cost to DA Network offices.

Through customer input and feedback, PROTECT is continually evolving to suit the changing business and information sharing needs of DAs and other Wisconsin justice partners.


  • On-going, up-to-date statute and penalty information as well as charging language to ensure accurate case filings.

  • Inter-county query of peer office PROTECT database information.

  • Integration with MS Word for automated generation of court and other legal documents, including the ability to generate documents in "batch".

  • Attorney dashboard features for fast-paced case lookup and note-taking in court, as well as overall case management.

  • Subpoena management for the request, generation, service, and cancellation of witness documents.

  • Custom, user-set reminders that alert staff and attorneys about needed work and case milestones - something a paper file coming across their desk would have otherwise alerted them to.

  • Integrated tracking of services provided to crime victims and witnesses, including features related to Marsy's Law compliancy.

  • Tracking of personal events and alerts to attorney scheduling conflicts or double bookings.

  • And a growing suite of state-standard reports and flexible reporting tools that allow data exports to Excel for further analysis.


  • Automated new case intake through electronic referrals received from all Wisconsin State Patrol and most county law enforcement agencies.

  • Electronic new and amended case filing from PROTECT to all county circuit courts, including out-of-county or special prosecution filings.

  • Real-time calendar information (hearings, trials, appearances) from all Wisconsin circuit courts through the PROTECT-CCAP interface. This same interface also provides the DA office with hearing notes, in warrant/capias status, change of address notifications, charge and final case disposition, sentencing information, and more.

  • Automated sending of the prosecutor's charging decisions from PROTECT to the Wisconsin Department of Justice's criminal history repository on cases involving arrests.​

  • Electronic enrollment of victims in the Department of Corrections VOICE program, a free telephone and online service that provides victims, survivors, and witnesses of crime with information and notification about individuals who are under the custody or supervision of DOC.

  • Automated, annual reporting of domestic abuse statistics from PROTECT to the Wisconsin Department of Justice.