The DAIT Support Desk offers full-service IT support for Wisconsin DAs and their staff, toll-free at 1-877-815-HELP (4357).

Friendly and knowledgeable help desk professionals are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM to answer questions about the network, hardware, and all supported software including PROTECT.

All calls are logged and tracked for optimal resolution, history tracking, and analysis. Over 80% of all calls are resolved immediately by help desk staff.  When needed, matters are escalated to technicians or analysts. 

DAIT customers are encouraged to con​tact the help desk first to ensure their concerns are documented ​thoroughly and resolved as quickly as possible. 


Weekly PROTECT training is available for all DAIT customers via live webcast. All classes are led by analysts, recorded, and made available in DAIT's Video Library. 

DAIT Analysts are also available for more in-depth office-specific consulting on workflow, policy, best practices, and overall office efficiency improvement. Analysts can also assist offices in reporting from their PROTECT database and understanding trends in their existing data, or planning for future reporting needs.  


​DAIT maintains a customer-facing knowledge base that houses all PROTECT training materials, including product news, updates, release notes, training scheduleslinks to legal research resources, tech tips, and more.