Digital Evidence Secure Transfer or "DEST"

​​​​​​​Large File Transfer, Digital Discovery

A service from DAIT that leverages off-the-shelf software, Cerberus,​ to transfer ​files between DA offices and key justice partners. 

With each DA office acting as the coordinating, central hub, law enforcement, public and private defense, and interested parties at other justice partner agencies in any Wisconsin county can now digitally transfer to/from their DA office any video, photo, or file they would have otherwise delivered on DVD or paper. For example, DEST can be used to transfer discovery-related files from the DA office to defense.  And all file transfer happens within a CJIS-secure environment, free of charge. 

DEST provides a way to transfer files, not store them. This is a critical difference between this free service and other off-the-shelf products you may prefer to use.  DA offices download copies of files received from law enforcement to storage on the already-provided DA Network and then upload copies of files for defense and other participating partners, who in turn download the files to their own local storage. 

In each DA office that uses this service, a person will be or is designated by that office as the "DEST Coordinator."  This person coordinates with their own justice partners to gauge interest and with DAIT to set up needed accounts. They receive training from DAIT, become the local expert, and are the first line of assistance if questions arise, with support from DAIT at the ready if needed.  

Use of this file transfer product/service is voluntary, and your DA office may already have a solution you enjoy. There is no pressure from DAIT to change, but if you are interested, DAIT customers can contact the DA Support desk to start that conversation. Law enforcement agencies, defense agencies, and other interested justice partners can contact their DA office with inquiries.